Learn While Having Fun!

The Monster Football League Ebook turns little football fans into little readers!

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From the littlest football fans to school age, Monster Football League is for everyone!, and teaches literacy with fun!
The Monster Football League Ebook makes a great present for a birthday or the holidays!
Whether you have a tablet, computer, phone or other device, the Monster Football League Word Book comes in several formats for easy reading on the go!



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This book is intended for football fans of all ages to share: watching a game together, exploring the game of football with kids and grandkids, enjoying the whimsical artwork, or learning the meaning of unfamiliar football terms. Enjoy it as a coffee table book or a reference book, a picture book or for some fun reading. Have a monstrous good time!
A grown-up can read a set of words for any letter, explain new words and watch the fun as the children figure out which word matches the monster picture and point to it. Kids can explain why they picked that word. Some creative kids may find more than one possibility. As long as it makes sense, it’s right!
These kids can close their eyes, spell the words from memory and then tell what they mean. Use the glossary in the back of the book to look them up!
They can research the words they don’t know, ask you about their meaning, look them up in the glossary or online, then share the fun of football and monsters with family and friends!
Artsy children will enjoy drawing pictures for the other words on the page, and coming up with monsters of their own!


An Amazing Tool to Build Literacy

  • 75 pages of whimsical artwork and matching word lists
  • Word difficulties appropriate for all levels of readers
  • Glossary teaches definitions of more difficult words
  • Brightly colored illustrations engage young readers
  • Perfect for football fans of all ages

Hear what some of our readers have to say!

We love our readers, and they love Monster Football League!

I bought this ebook for my two children and would highly recommend it! My baby enjoys all the brightly colored pictures and my first grader loves reading the words out loud to her little sister.
Claire W.
I was never really into football, but after getting this book and sharing it with my children I will say that even I have learned a lot about it from the terms and glossary that MFL includes.
Travis L.
I really enjoy reading this book to my grandbabies– thank you for such a fun and colorful word book.
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Learn while having fun!

The Monster Football League Ebook turns little football fans into little readers!

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